The Art of Drinking

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Drinking is more than a mere physical satisfaction. Culturally, drinking meets a social need in many countries, and that is why in the symposium The Art of Drinking EUNIC Japan tried to go beyond the production of beverages and explain their role in social relations throughout countries such as Poland, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Germany, and Japan.

Writers and philosophers from all those countries discussed about similarities and differences in the role of drinking in social relations between Asian and European countries. Drinking proves to be an essential element in every culture, from the tea ceremony, to the Oktoberfest.

Our guests could enjoy traditional beverages from those countries and see the role drinking plays in the arts. Visitors could see flamenco dancing, slask performance, or opera performances, all revolving around the art of drinking.


May 22, 2015


Goethe-Institut Japan

7-5-56 Akasaka, Minato-ku

Tokyo 107-0052